Acer Aspire Desktop TC

An Acer Aspire desktop is a great computer for gaming or just everyday use. They have strong power and speed with a sleek design that will suit any home setting, even if you want to play at your desk!

The “acer aspire tc-895-ua92” is a computer that was released in 2017. It has an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor and 16GB of RAM. The computer has a 1TB hard drive and AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card.


For light-medium PC users, the TC-780-ACKi5 is practically unequaled value.

Intel CPU, 7th generation Large amounts of RAM and storage capacity a good value for money There isn’t a separate graphics card. Future updates may be limited if the case is smaller.

As an all-purpose PC, the Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKi5 is unbeatable. Processing power, storage, and memory are all good strengths, and it can be enhanced with a dedicated graphics card to transform it into a capable gaming machine.

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Intel HD 630 (Integrated)


  • Windows 10 Home is a free version of Windows 10.
  • Wi-Fi onboard
  • It has a keyboard and a mouse.
  • Drive for 8 DVD-RW discs



  • Warranty period of one year
  • 1 year of toll-free technical assistance
  • Upgradeable
  • No, VR isn’t ready yet.


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The Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKi5 is a new prebuilt desktop computer from Acer that is designed for light to heavy computer users.

In this evaluation, we’ll look at who this computer will and won’t fit, as well as its specific hardware components and expected performance.

Options and concerns for upgradeability are also discussed, as well as why we believe this is a good choice for a basic computer for entry-level gamers who can upgrade it later.

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  • Price range
  • Processor that is new and powerful.
  • There’s a lot of storage and a lot of RAM.
  • Size is small.


  • There is no specialized graphics card available.
  • There isn’t enough room in the case for future updates.
  • Additional drive upgrades are limited due to a lack of SATA ports.

The TC-780-ACKi5 is an excellent general-purpose desktop computer if you are a heavy computer user who need a little more processing power.

It’s suitable for individuals who plan to use more demanding programs often (photoshop, photo/video editing software, computer-assisted drawing (CAD) programs, algorithm/programming apps, etc.). It can even handle some gaming because to its inbuilt graphics.

Its new and powerful 4 core CPU, greater RAM, and massive hard drive storage capacity make it ideal for this kind of application.

For gamers or those in need of greater graphics processing power, the Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKi5 is a wonderful option for upgrading to a more powerful computer that can handle even the most demanding and contemporary game titles.

With the addition of a dedicated graphics card, your PC will be able to compete with most prebuilt gaming systems. As a result, the TC-780-ACKi5 is a feasible solution for gamers and those with specialized demands as an upgradeable base computer (e.g. video editing, serious gaming, high graphical output applications).

If you are a light computer user with no specific demands looking for a new desktop computer for general-purpose home usage, the TC-780-ACKi5 may not be the ideal solution for you.

For example, if your typical computer usage consists of browsing the internet, office applications (such as word processing and spreadsheeting), general multimedia use (viewing photos and videos), and non-demanding programs, the TC-780-ACKi5’s processing power is unnecessary and represents a waste of money.

If this describes you, a cut-down computer like the Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKi3 is a less expensive choice that may better fit your requirements while saving you money. TC-780_photo_gallery_03


The Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKi5’s hardware provides good value for money in the mid-range performance category.

Summary of Hardware
GFX Intel HD 630 (Integrated)
CPU Intel Core i5-7400 processor
Storage HDD, 2TB, 7200 RPM
MBU Unspecified
PSU 300W

a computer processor (CPU)

In the TC-780-ACKi5, Acer has chosen the Intel i5-7400, one of Intel’s 7th generation/Kaby Lake i5 CPUs.

The quad-core i5-7400 is the entry-level model in Intel’s i5 Kaby Lake line, and it was introduced in the first quarter of 2017.

With a base speed of 3.00GHz and a turbo boost up to 3.50GHz, this CPU has four cores and supports hyperthreading, allowing it to give more processing power when required.

Computer Graphics Card (GFX)

The Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKi5 does not have a separate graphics card, instead relying on the Intel processor’s integrated graphics.

Intel’s HD Graphics 630 is included inside the i5-7400 CPU. Despite the fact that it’s on-board, it performs well, and in terms of graphical capability, it’s comparable to some of the entry-level dedicated graphics cards from 4-5 years ago.

Board of directors (MBU)

The Intel H110 Express chipset is used in the TC-780-ACKi5. The motherboard model is not recommended and is most likely a proprietary Acer type.

There is a spare PCIe16 slot and a PCIe1 slot for extra add-on cards in terms of connectivity. The existing hard drive and DVD-RW drive are connected through SATA 2 and 3 connectors.

There is an M.2 port available. At the bottom of this article, you’ll find a list of I/O ports and specs in further depth.

recollection (RAM)

The TC-780-ACKi5 features 12GB of DDR4 RAM running at 2400MHz. The RAM is split into two sticks, one with 8GB and the other with 4GB.


With a 2 Terabyte hard disk drive spinning at 7200 RPM, there’s plenty of storage capacity.

Electricity (PSU)

The name and type of the power supply unit are unknown, although it is rated at 300W.

If you want to add a dedicated graphics card to this computer, you’ll probably need to increase the power supply.

Other Additions

WIFI and Internet Access 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and Gigabit Ethernet are all included into the machine.

Drive Optical A DVD optical drive with an 8x read/write speed is included.

System of Operation Windows 10 Home version is preloaded on the TC-780-ACKi5.

Other A card reader can read from an SD card.

Case With dimensions of 6.89′′ x 17.43′′ x 15.67′′ (W x D x H), the case is a small alternative.

Peripherals/Accessories The computer tower comes with a USB wired mouse and keyboard, since it is a package item.

Support/Warranties Acer provides a one-year limited parts and labor guarantee, as well as technical assistance through their toll-free line.

Here, we take a deeper look at the Aspire TK-708-ACKI5’s overall performance and what type of use and performance you can anticipate from it.


The TC-708-ACKI5’s hardware combination provides enough processing power, and the integrated graphics mean it is capable of producing visual output that isn’t overly demanding. Due to the absence of a dedicated graphics card, it may struggle with jobs that need a lot of graphics.

It’s worth noting that pictures that have already been processed, such as movies, videos, and photographs, don’t need much graphics processing power to render. Because of the strength of the on-board integrated graphics, you can expect them to be clear and sharp.

Where it shines:
  • Going on the internet
  • Multimedia, videos/movies, and images are all available for viewing.
  • Programs that do not need much effort (e.g. word processing, spreadsheeting)
  • Multitasking in general
It may also do the following:
  • Playing low-level computer games at reduced resolutions on low settings
  •  Running applications that are a little more demanding (e.g. photoshop, CAD programs etc.)
You could have trouble with:
  • Applications that are more graphics-intensive (e.g. modelling, video processing etc.)

What Games Does It Support?

Although the Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKI5 isn’t designed primarily for gaming, the i5-7400 CPU and HD 630 integrated graphics can run select games at lower resolutions and settings.

For example, with the i5-7400 and integrated HD 630 graphics with settings tuned for lesser graphics, you may expect to obtain between 20 and 50 frames per second on some of the following titles:

  • GTA 5 (at 35 frames per second)
  • Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider (25FPS)
  • Crysis 3 (35 frames per second)
  • Six Seige (40FPS) by Tom Clancy
  • Resident Evil 7 (at 20 frames per second)
  • Rally in the Dirt (56FPS)
  • Battlefield 1 (BF1) (at 30 frames per second)
  • The Witcher 3 (at 20 frames per second)

The stats above were derived from the movie below, which shows the level of gameplay you may expect:


For most users, the TC-780-ACKI5 is meant to be an out-of-the-box solution. Unless you want to boost the machine’s performance, there are no quick improvements necessary.

Even if it does not instantly meet your planned application, the modern CPU, substantial RAM, storage, and solid networking at this price point make it a good candidate for future upgrading. Upgrades in this situation should focus on the weak spot, which is a lack of graphics processing capability.

If you add a dedicated graphics card, we believe this might be a very cost-effective gaming PC. This sort of update would cost the TC-780-ACKI5 plus a graphics card, power supply, and fans to guarantee appropriate cooling, but if you’re on a budget, it might still save you money over a prebuilt gaming machine.

It’s also worth noting that updating a computer necessitates opening the chassis and replacing or adding new hardware components. This may violate your warranty, so make an informed decision about whether or not this road is right for you.

Upgrades that are recommended (short-term/immediate)

The following upgrades are optional, but suggested if you want to significantly boost the graphics processing capability of the Aspire TC-780-ACKI5:

Despite the fact that the computer has a lot of storage, the drive is a hard disk. A solid state drive may drastically improve operation speed and loading times:

  • Installation of a solid-state drive (SSD) Because there are only two SATA ports, you’ll either need to acquire an M.2 SSD or replace one of the current optical drives or hard disk drives to make room for the SSD.

Upgrade Routes in the Future

Because of its modern hardware, the computer is projected to endure for many years and remain relevant. Future enhancements, on the other hand, might include:

  • Upgrades to RAM Although there are no available RAM slots, the present 4GB and 8GB sticks may be replaced with bigger sticks.
  • Upgrade your case The default Acer Aspire TC-780 casing has limited space for a bigger graphics card and extra disks.

Other Upgrade Factors to Consider

If you want to improve the Acer Aspire TK-780-ACKI5 substantially, you’ll almost certainly need to update the PSU if you go with a higher-end graphics card.

The casing and cooling may be the limiting considerations for major modifications. Due to the drive bay cage, the present chassis cannot handle graphics cards longer than around 7 inches in length.

However, this computer could theoretically be transferred into a different casing, and future upgrades would be restricted only by the existing motherboard.

Is this a decent offer? Yes, we believe so.

In our view, the Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKI5 is an excellent value for money prebuilt computer. Buying all of the hardware components to create this computer from scratch would cost at least $500, which is more than its current market price.

When you consider that it includes a fully licensed Windows 10 installation, you’re saving hundreds of dollars by purchasing this bundle.

If you intend on utilizing this as the foundation for a gaming PC, the actual value comes into play. Add in a new graphics card, power supply update, optional SSD, and maybe a new chassis, and you’ve got yourself a strong gaming machine for roughly $600-700 that will match some prebuilt gaming PCs in the $800+ price range.

If this computer isn’t right for you, the Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKi3 is a step down from the TC-708-ACKi5 and provides similar hardware at a lower price.

Check out the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXiVR8020A4 Desktop Machine if you want a prebuilt gaming computer without having to perform any changes yourself.

The Acer Asprie TC-780-ACKi5 delivers excellent value for money and is ideal for power users. It’s also a great starting computer that you can improve to a great gaming PC for a moderate price.

Other Specifications (reference)

Show specifics Details should be hidden.

Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKi5 (full name)

DT.B89AA.033 is the model number.

Main Features: Intel Core i5-7400 CPU (up to 3.5GHz), Windows 10 Home, 12GB DDR4 2400MHz Memory, Intel HD Graphics 630, 8X DVD-Writer Double-Layer Drive (DVD-RW), 2TB 7200RPM SATA3 Hard Drive

High-Definition Audio with 5.1-Channel Surround Sound

Three USB ports are available. 3.0 USB 2.0 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 HDMI port, and 1 VGA port

Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0 LE connectivity

Other: USB Keyboard and Mouse, Digital Media Card Reader – Secure Digital (SD) Card

6.89′′ (w) x 17.43′′ (h) x 15.67′′ Dimensions: 6.89′′ (w) x 17.43′′ (h) x 15.67′′ (d)

Weight: 8.36 kg | 18.43 pounds (system unit only)

More information is available here.



The “acer aspire tc-885 manual” is a computer that has been released by Acer. It has a sleek design and powerful components. The computer is also quite affordable, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone who needs to purchase a desktop.

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