9 Best Keyword Research Tools (Free Premium) 2021

There are a lot of keyword research tools out there, but some of them are more dedicated to copywriting than others. This blog post is about 9 of the best keyword research tools that are still free to use—and why you might want to use them.

9 Best Keyword Research Tools (Free Premium) 2021 – This post is part of a series: 1. List the Best Keyword Research Tools 2. List the Best Keyword Research Tool for Keyword Research 3. List the Best Keyword Research Tool for Keyword Research: Long Tail Pro 4. List the Best Keyword Research Tool for Keyword Research: Long Tail Pro: Free Trial 5. List the Best Keyword Research Tool for Keyword Research: Long Tail Pro: Free Trial (Monthly) 6. List the Best Keyword Research Tool for Keyword Research: Long Tail Pro: Free Trial (Monthly) (Special Offer) 7. List the Best Keyword Research Tool for Keyword Research: Long Tail Pro: Free

While you can do a lot of keyword research from the comfort of your computer, there are times when you need to find out how a particular keyword phrase performs on the internet. That’s when you need to know more about keyword tools. There are a number of different tools dedicated to finding the best keywords for your website and products.

The 9 Most Effective Keyword Research Tools (Free Premium) In the year 2021, Do you want to get a lot of organic traffic to your website? Using long-tail keywords and LSI keywords in your content strategy is the key to obtaining organic traffic.

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The 9 Most Effective Keyword Research Tools (Free Premium)

I’ve created a comprehensive guide on locating lucrative long-tail keywords and LSI’s second keyword. Before reading this article, make sure you’ve read it.

In today’s article, I’ll teach you how to use the finest tools for keyword research and identifying individuals who will drive a lot of search traffic to your website.

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There are a plethora of tools available to assist you in finding the appropriate keywords with reasonable intent and monthly searches. In this article, I’ll show you how to use some of the finest keyword research tools available to help you boost your search traffic.

>> What you will learn from this post <<

  • Tools for keyword research
  • Their benefits and drawbacks (which one should you use)
  • How to build your blog using keyword research.

Updated List of the Best Keyword Research Tools for 2021:

Google Keyword Planner is a tool that allows you to find keywords (Free)

The Google Adwords keyword planner is a feature of the Google Adwords program. This is the most widely used and free keyword research tool. Almost any blogger, whether new to SEO or a seasoned pro, may utilize Google planner keywords to discover similar keywords and their search volume.

Although GKP was designed to help Adwords users discover keywords to bid on and generate traffic to their sites, you can use it to find thousands of similar keywords in addition to their monthly searches.

How it works is as follows: Log in with your Google Account to use GKP.

You may input your seed keywords and modify your criteria for the produced keywords on the following page. GKP provides a number of filter keywords, including geography, language, and negative keywords (keywords you don’t want).

9-Best-Keyword-Research-Tools-Free-Premium-2021How it works is as follows: Log in with your Google Account to use GKP.

Tool for keyword research Keyword planner on Google

PRO TIP: You may use the landing page tab to look up the terms that a competitor’s website ranks for.

I like

  • GKP is the most popular keyword research tool, and it offers the widest variety of relevant terms due to its understanding of Google.
  • You may use live URLs to filter out the keywords for which the website is now ranking or attempting to rank.

I don’t like it.

  • It’s designed for marketers, so keyword competition for publishers isn’t a factor.
  • You may not be able to discover a unique term that no one else is using. You should also utilize additional keyword research tools to find the most lucrative terms.

tool.io is a tool.io keyword (Free)

When you need a lot of long-tail keywords for your seed term, you should utilize Keyword Tool IO. This program provides free keyword suggestions based on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Apple applications. It’s a fantastic way to get a list of keywords that others won’t see throughout the day.

Keyword Research Tool This is a user suggestion based on Google Autocomplete. The letter provides a function (which is superior than Ubersuggest at the following point) that allows you to disconnect those very long terms. By adding letters to the beginning and end of your seed term, you may create a natural key resource for your blog articles.

1628484261_717_9-Best-Keyword-Research-Tools-Free-Premium-2021tool.io is a tool.io keyword (Free)

Suggestions for keywords based on seed keywords

One of the most useful aspects of the Keyword Tool is that it displays the queries that your seed keyword may generate. As a result, you can utilize these queries to immediately create fresh blog articles that will drive organic traffic.

Keyword Tool is free, but you must pay to get search volume, CPC, and competition (Upgrade). The free edition is sufficient for novices to get a large number of keys for their keyword research projects.

I like

  • It shows a huge number of terms that are linked.
  • It shows a huge number of terms that are linked.

I don’t like it.

  • The free edition has relatively little data for analyzing keyword competition.
  • There is no data on PPC or search volume (you have to upgrade to see this).

Pro Long Tail (Premium)

This is where I keep my most useful and effective keyword research tool. For all the right reasons, Long-tail Keywords is a premium tool.

Many SEOs, like myself, think that LTP aids in the discovery of keywords that are impossible to uncover using Google Keyword Planner.

After you’ve downloaded a copy from here, you’ll need to enable access to your Google Adwords account so that it can identify the optimal keywords.

Then you begin a new keyword research project, calling it anything you choose.

1628484262_254_9-Best-Keyword-Research-Tools-Free-Premium-2021Pro Long Tail

Enter the name of your project here.

Following that, LTP will prompt you to input your seed keyword (which may be anything – the even niche is unrelated to health and blogging).

1628484263_503_9-Best-Keyword-Research-Tools-Free-Premium-2021Pro Long Tail (Premium)

Long Tail Pro may be used to generate keywords.

You may discover long-tail keywords with a certain amount of words by using this method. Additional customizable searches include providing a certain number of searches each month, a specific country to target, and so on.

You may also sort the results by EMD (exact match domain), Google and Bing title contests, and other factors.

Long-tail Pro will help you discover up to 800 keywords from a single keyword seed. However, the most important thing is to discover useful keywords and reuse them as keyword seeds. Reach out to My gold-producing keywords.

I like

  • This is by far the most effective keyword research tool I’ve come across.
  • It provides you with at least 800 keywords for each seed term, as well as their number of searches, PPC cost, competition, and Google ten-page ranks.

I don’t like it.

  • When compared to its main rival, SEMRush, it is very sluggish.
  • This necessitates granting access to your Google AdWords account in order to analyze keywords.

LongTailPro is a good option.


Ubersuggest is a simple keyword research tool that provides you with a large number of keywords just by adding letters to the end of your query. This gives you access to a large number of long-tail keywords that you may utilize in your future specialty site or even your main blog.

If you’re having trouble writing, Ubersuggest can help. This tool may help you generate a lot of blog post ideas and boost your creativity.

Ubersuggest is based on Google’s Autosuggest concepts. It combines your seed keywords with alphabet letters, then searches for any keyword strings that begin with the same letter.

1628484264_991_9-Best-Keyword-Research-Tools-Free-Premium-2021UberSuggest is a service that allows you to suggest a (Free)

Ubersuggest was used to do keyword research.

The only reason I say this as a basic tool is to provide not know about the monthly searches or competition of the keyword is displayed. You can, however, using those keywords in other tools such as GKP or pro-tail lengths to find search volume and competition easily.

NOTE: If you want to verify the keyword competitiveness of any term but don’t have access to premium tools, you may read my book to learn how to do it for free.

I like

  • It lists a huge number of keywords that may be investigated further by clicking the “+” symbol next to them.

I don’t like it.

  • There is no information on keyword competition or search volume.
  • Another tool is required to assess the keyword’s potential.

(Premium) SEMRush (30 days free trial)

SEMRush is one of the tools you’ll need to outsmart your rivals when it comes to keyword research. While most keyword research tools attempt to offer suitable keywords based on your seed term, SEMRush went above and beyond by allowing you to check how your competitor’s site ranks for those keywords.

SEMRush, like other paid tools, may help you study keywords, but what sets it apart is its ability to monitor your competitors’ top-ranking keywords. This may be a great help when it comes to competition research. Also, in identifying terms that drive traffic to your rivals.

1628484265_615_9-Best-Keyword-Research-Tools-Free-Premium-2021(Premium) SEMRush (30 days free trial)

Using SEMRush for keyword research

Check out my full guide to SEMRush for additional information.

I like

  • One of the most comprehensive keyword research tools available in the SEO industry.
  • It enables you to look for keywords from both your rivals and their competitors.

I don’t like it.

  • After utilizing the free trial version, we should purchase premium plans.
  • Beginners may find the learning curve challenging.

Take a look at SEMRush

KWFinder is a search engine for key words (Freemium)

KWfinder is a tool that I’ve just fallen in love with. There is a free version of this premium keyword research tool that does a decent job.

Simply input the seed keyword and the countries and languages in which you want your related keywords to be targeted.

It determines long-tail keywords that have less competition and are thus simpler to rank.

KWfinder also displays “interest over time” graphs, which illustrate how popular your long-tail keywords have been over time (from 2004 to date).

Furthermore, KWfinder displays the top sites that rank for the specified keywords, as well as their social indicators.

In my case, I want to make a niche site on “dog care,” therefore I typed “dog care” into the search box. As the target nation, I prepare the United States of America, with English as the desired language.

Instantly, I have a list of keywords with minimal competition.

As seen on the right side, “mobile dog care” has a strong inclination propensity. Have a good search score (8100 in WE Course, which may be improved worldwide) and a poor SEO score of 20.

You may discover more hidden gems if you use these keywords as seed keywords.

I like

  • KWfinder is adequate in terms of speed.
  • It illustrates how Google has ranked websites for keywords and how some term patterns have changed since 2004.

I don’t like it.

  • There is a need to establish an account there.
  • These programs provide excellent keywords, but they are far from becoming a research tool. If you want to view more keywords, you’ll need to upgrade.

Number seven. Jaaxy

In my keyword research warehouse, this is a relatively new instrument. It appeals to me since it is not dependent on Google’s keyword planner (and hence there is no shady hiding of keywords).

As with any other keyword research tool, you enter the seed term for Jaaxy and select the appropriate boxes (filtering criteria) as we do in long tail pro.

With Jaaxy, I often uncover some high-quality jewels that I would not have discovered with any other keyword tool. There are a few more results, which are Jaaxy. During your keyword research, you’ll come across the following terms:

    • This is the referenced search result, according to QSR. The amount of web sites that target the appropriate set of keywords is shown here.
    • KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): The KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) is shown as a red light green, yellow color, with red lights indicating the highest quality keywords and green indicating the best keywords to target.
    • SEO: It works in a similar way to a keyword competition keyword filter and other paid keyword research tools such as Longtail pro. Jaaxy rated SEO keyword scores on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the simplest to rank.

Jaaxy is a paid tool, however it comes with a free trial so you can see whether it’s worth your money. Here’s where you can learn more about Jaaxy.

I like

  • It is not reliant on Google and may be relied upon for certain non-shaded terms. (Some possible keywords may be missed by tools that depend on Google.)
  • The brainstorming tool allows you to generate fresh keyword ideas, which you can then use to find new keywords.

I don’t like it.

  • Bloggers that are exclusively focused on ranking for Google search results may be turned off by features that do not depend on Google to discover keywords.
  • The free version has a lot of limitations (allowing only 30 searches per user).

Revealer of Keywords (Freemium)

Keywordrevealer.com is a high-end keyword research tool worth checking out. It’s so quick that there’s no ideal way to start your research campaign.

Each time you start entering the keyword seeds and filters, keywords Disclosure becomes more aware of the appropriate keywords.

The keyword competition indicator functions similarly to a speedometer on a vehicle dashboard, indicating if a term is rated.

Another interesting aspect of the keyword unraveling tool is that if you are stuck discovering fresh keywords with buyer intent, it will provide a genuine brainstorm keyword idea for you.

The keyword discloser displays the CPC as well as the projected potential revenue for the term.

I like

  • The keyword difficulty level forecasts whether or not you should target keywords, which is very helpful when choosing whether or not to do so.
  • It displays the average AdWords CPC for each term as well as the potential profit.
  • Also, for each term, specify whether an EMD domain is accessible.

I don’t like it.

  • The amount of keywords returned for each keyword seed was lower than the Google keyword planner’s extended tailor.

Eye is a keyword that may be used to describe (Free)

Eye keyword is another free application that offers a comprehensive set of keyword research capabilities.

Like other paid tools, The Eye Keyword allows you to select your studied keywords by language and region. It may, however, be programmed to compute or study a certain term and its possibilities.

Data on related keywords is presented in visually appealing formats such as cloud keywords and so on. You may right-click here to do further research on those particular long-tail keywords.

Checking the keywords at soovle.com (which displays search requests for terms in different search engines), checking Reddit, Google “all in the title” and finding synonyms, and so on are some of the research alternatives.

The functionality I just stated is one I haven’t seen in any of the keyword research tools I’ve looked at thus far. These capabilities may assist you not only save time, but also cherry-pick the finest keywords for SEO.

I like

  • It provides facts in the form of a visual graph (not enough of a pro feature, but refreshing).
  • Without leaving the site, you may look for synonyms, auto-suggests (based on Amazon, Google, and other sources), check the user search string (on soovle.com), and more for each phrase.

I don’t like it.

  • The screen where the keyword is shown is very little. Scrolling to the bottom of the results may be exhausting.

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I attempted to include both free and paid versions of the finest keyword research tools on the market in the above list.

Before writing this article, I tried each one and can recommend that you use one premium tool (my favorite is SEMRush) and one free tool (Ubersuggest or Keyword Tool IO) to brainstorm similar keywords.

Using a paid keyword research tool, you can then utilize related terms and discover additional hidden keywords.

How to utilize keyword research to develop your blog: Using expensive tools to discover the best keywords isn’t enough. To develop your blog, you should utilize smart keywords.

Although most keyword research programs provide a huge list of related terms, not all of them are worth pursuing. Although some keywords have less searches than others, they work effectively and convert your visitors. This is due to the fact that they have a buyer in mind.

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If you have been in the internet marketing space for a while, you have probably heard of the term “keyword research”. And if you have been around for a while, you’ve probably seen lots of different options for performing your own keyword research. In this article, I am going to discuss the top nine free tools available in the market (I used to pay for these tools but started to use them free) that let you find the most competitive and profitable keywords for your websites or blog.. Read more about best keyword research tool (free) and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best keyword suggestion tool for 2021?

The best keyword suggestion tool for 2021 is a keyword research tool that provides suggestions on how to improve your website.

Which is the best free keyword research tool?

Keyword tools are not free.

Are there any free keyword research tools?

There are many keyword research tools available online, but some of the best ones are Google Keyword Planner and Wordtracker.

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