9 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Blogger 100% Free 2022

Google Chrome extensions are a free way to get more out of your blog and increase productivity. These 9 top-rated Google Chrome Extensions will help you make blogging easier, faster, and enhance your site’s SEO.

The “best free extensions for chrome” is a list of 9 best Google Chrome Extensions that are 100% free.

9 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Blogger 100% Free 2022

9 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions for Blogger in 2021 | When I got a new computer, the first thing I did was install Google Chrome. Thousands of extensions for online surfing continue to exist, and almost all bloggers use it.

9-Best-Google-Chrome-Extensions-For-Blogger-100-Free-2022Blogger’s Top 9 Google Chrome Extensions

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Free 2022: The Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Newbie Bloggers

Being a blogger, you must understand how difficult it is to turn your blog into a valuable tool for developing management and leadership, which takes time.

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Good content takes time to generate, and these 9 extensions constitute our Blogger Life. Make things simple so we can get more work done in less time.

Google Dictionary is number one (by Google)

1647316226_468_9-Best-Google-Chrome-Extensions-For-Blogger-100-Free-2022Dictionary.google.com (by Google)

This is the benefit of the Google dictionary: if you are reading anything in online English and come across a term you don’t recognize, you can use it to choose that word and double-click on it to receive the definition in Hindi.


#2. uBlock Origin – uBlock Origin – uBlock Origin – uBlock Origin

1647316227_733_9-Best-Google-Chrome-Extensions-For-Blogger-100-Free-2022uBlock Origin is an adblocking program.

Because of the Adblock moniker, you may already know what it is used for: it is the greatest adblocker for dealing with websites that utilize intrusive popups.

Perhaps you have a similar question; this extension is as popular as Adblock and Adblock Plus, so why did I choose uBlock Origin? It’s also one of the reasons why this RAM and CPU are worthless, therefore you should install it as well.

If you find any valuable information on a website or blog, I ask that you deactivate AdBlock on certain blogs and websites, since most bloggers place AdSense advertising on their blogs, so you won’t have an issue with online surfing;)


StayFocusd is number three.


Many times, when I begin writing a post in my head, the first thing that comes to mind is to open a Facebook login, which is a really terrible habit to prevent. This is the finest extension.

By setting a timeframe and adding the website that is causing the distraction, you will be able to totally block access to such websites, allowing you to concentrate only on generating content.

Isn’t it fantastic?


LastPass, a free password manager, is number four.

1626758378_68_15-Ways-To-Take-A-Screenshot-On-PC-Mac-WindowsLastPass is a password manager that is available for free.

As a blogger, we must maintain several accounts, each with its own username and password, for our social networking profiles and blogs, making it difficult to remember everyone’s login and password.

LastPass is simple to use and comes with a variety of extensions. Nothing in this needs to be remembered. Make a LastPass account, remember it, and it will do the rest of the job for you anytime a sign-up form appears. And after you click it, it will remember all of your login information so that you can effortlessly log in the following time.


Web Clipper for Evernote (#5)

9-Best-Google-Chrome-Extensions-For-Blogger-100-Free-2022Web Clipper for Evernote

Web Clipper allows you to save a web page by highlighting a paragraph or line whenever you visit a website or blog and find information that you may need later.

When I begin writing a new blog article, I utilize it to ensure that no information is left out.


Grammarly is a Chrome extension. is #6.

1626758379_68_15-Ways-To-Take-A-Screenshot-On-PC-Mac-WindowsGrammarly is a Chrome extension.

I’ve observed a lot of spelling errors among new bloggers, thus Grammarly is the best addon to use to prevent them.

You can correct up to 250 different sorts of faults with this, and it will also help you improve your English.


#7. SimilarWeb – Site Ranking and Traffic Sources

1647316230_946_9-Best-Google-Chrome-Extensions-For-Blogger-100-Free-2022Site Traffic Sources and Ranking on SimilarWeb

In the world of blogging, knowing your competitors’ websites is crucial. This tells you whether your website is up and running, and you can compare website estimations with similarWeb to see if you can outperform your own competition. Could Provide Information

This allows you to check the projected traffic for any website, as well as how popular a website is.


#8. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

1647316231_371_9-Best-Google-Chrome-Extensions-For-Blogger-100-Free-2022Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

You know what it’s for by its name and what it’s used for.

The step-by-step lesson will assist you with a large number of articles and extensions.

You may now snap screenshots of other apps without having to install any additional software. It has a lot of capabilities and can record the screen.


#9, Search Engine Quake


At the top of the list, this plugin has a lot of features and is recommended by practically all professional bloggers.

This plugin will be quite useful for your blog; it will provide you with information on your site’s rating, how many pages are indexed in search engines, keyword density, and an on-page SEO audit.


An all-in-one solution for your website is a must-have.

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So, friends, These were the Blogger’s Top 9 Google Chrome Extensionss. Also, share this article with your friends, and keep your opinion in TechOught.com on the comments field below.

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The “chrome extension store” is a website that allows users to download and install Google Chrome extensions. There are 9 best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers 100% free 2022.

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