5 best password managers for families to stay safe

Passwords are the new passwords, and with the number of people in families who have a need to keep the same passwords across multiple devices, it’s essential to have the best password manager. In fact, if you use a password manager for your family, all the devices you own will become safer and more secure.

Family passwords can be a mess, especially if you’re the family tech nerd who can’t remember them all. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a password manager, you can have complete control over your family’s digital security. You can create unique, hard-to-guess passwords and sync them to all the devices your family uses, so nobody has to remember a different one on every device.

As the entire tech industry has so eloquently pointed out, passwords are a bad idea. Unless you are sharing that password with a single person that you trust, you should really stop using them. This is especially true for information that is valuable to you, like your credit card information. Just ask the millions of people whose passwords have been stolen. And you don’t have to be a victim of identity theft to want to be careful about how you store and use your passwords. You want to protect your family with technology.. Read more about best password manager for families and let us know what you think.


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18th of August, 2021

Posted on May 20, 2021

  • A password manager may be used by anybody, but some can protect whole families, not just yourself.
  • This article compiles a list of the best password managers for big families from across the globe.
  • We’ve included submissions from a variety of developers, some of whom are more well-known than others.
  • Many of the items in this page include a free plan or trial, so try them all out.


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In an age where information is readily accessible through the Internet, hiding everything behind credentials and passwords has become the new standard.

The only real issue is that there are just too many login-based services, and remembering the passwords for each of them becomes difficult at some point, unless you use a trustworthy third-party password manager.

Password managers are designed to store your credentials in a secure place for you, and many of them even have an auto-complete function that automatically fills in the credentials as soon as you enter a website.

Another wonderful trend that many password managers follow is enabling many users to utilize their services on a single subscription, which is ideal for sharing with friends and family.

To that end, we recognize the importance of keeping everyone you care about safe and secure, therefore we decided to write an article that includes all of the top password managers that are great for big families.

We’ll rate them based on performance, security, extra toolset, and pricing, as well as provide direct download links for each of them so you may check them out for yourself.

Table of Contents

Which password managers are the best for families?


Password Manager by RoboForm is in first place on our list. It is one of the best password organizers on the market since it not only makes keeping track of passwords simpler, but it also automates the whole form completion and password creation process.

RoboForm also seems to be a great family-oriented password manager, since they provide a specific subscription called a Family Plan.

Furthermore, RoboForm includes a function that enables you to give a trusted contact emergency access to your RoboForm data in the case of death, incapacitation, or simply as a means of account recovery, ensuring that your family is taken care of even if anything happens to you.

Aside from its family-friendly features, RoboForm is a good password manager for general usage, with features like:

  • At any moment, from any place, access
  • While surfing, a password is captured.
  • Automatic password synchronization
  • Logins with a single click
  • Offline accessibility
  • Add-ons for all major browsers, plus more…


RoboForm Password Manager

With the world’s finest password manager, you, your friends, and family will be as secure as possible!


Our second suggestion is a powerful password recovery tool that works for multiple file types such as MS Office & OpenOffice documents, PDFs, and Windows Password Reset.

Because it can recover or change passwords from the most popular, everyday applications, Basic Passware Kit is ideal for family usage. It can recover and reset passwords for more than 80 different file formats and 300 different document kinds. Furthermore, all recovered passwords are immediately saved in a password history report, making them accessible and usable.

The program is very effective at identifying encrypted data on your computer. This capability also has the added advantage of being able to decode hard drive images.

Passware Kit Basic also includes the following features:

  • Creates CDs that may be used to reset passwords.
  • Account attributes are shown.
  • Local Admin credentials, including Live ID Accounts, are reset.

Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows Vista SP1 are all supported by Passware Kit Basic. Although it is a premium program, it provides a free trial so you can evaluate whether it meets your requirements.


Passware Kit Basic

With one powerful tool, you can recover and save all of your family’s passwords.


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LastPass began as a browser plugin that made password management simpler, but it has since grown into one of the best password managers on the market, earning a place on our list.

This program, which is available on all major platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, allows you to access all of your services no matter where you are.

Furthermore, PC users will not need to install hefty software since their browser extensions (yes, they still exist) will suffice.

Automatic form filling will make online shopping easier, and you can even establish accounts if you don’t know the passwords since LastPass will remember them for you.



LastPass helps you manage, create, and protect your passwords.


The second piece of software on our list is Dashlane, a well-known password manager that is also a good option for anybody who wants to keep their passwords safe and secure.

Dashlane is ranked third on our list because, while providing almost all of the features of our top entry, their free membership plan is much more restricted, but Dashlane will suffice otherwise.

Maintain the security of your passwords, have your credentials auto-completed on every websites you visit, have access to secured file storage, a strong password generator, and more.

In terms of family benefits, Dashlane allows up to 5 users to share passwords on their free plan, and unlimited users on all of their premium plans, so no matter which plan you pick, you’ll be able to keep others secure as well.

Obtain Dashlame


1Password offers a special family-oriented subscription called 1Password Families, which allows you to exchange passwords, credit cards, and anything else that’s too essential to email, similar to our first item.

Up to five individuals may utilize your single membership and have their own accounts, and the greatest thing is that they don’t have to reside in the same home.

1Password helps your family practice smart online security thanks to these tools, which generate unbreakable, unique passwords for all accounts covered by your membership.

However, since 1Password recognizes the value of privacy, each account has its own personal vault, which only the account owner may access without the consent of the designated owners.

Obtain 1Password

This ends our list of the best password managers for families, and we hope you find the items in this post to be useful.

If you know of any additional password managers that you think should be on our list, please let us know in the comments area below, and we’ll determine whether or not to include them.

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Everybody knows that passwords are terrible. But what are the alternatives? One popular recommendation is using a password manager to help manage and store passwords. These run from free to money-making applications, and the best of them will help you skip the boring part of typing in a long (or short) string of characters.. Read more about best password manager 2021 and let us know what you think.

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