5 Best Laser Cutters & Engravers for Your DIY Projects

Laser cutters and engravers are becoming more accessible to the DIY hobbyist with a wealth of easy-to-use equipment that can be picked up at any hardware store or ordered online. The amount of projects that you’re able to accomplish is limitless, from woodwork, leather work and art.

The “best laser cutter for beginners” is a tool that allows users to create their own designs using lasers. These machines are also known as engravers, and they offer a variety of uses.

5 Best Laser Cutters & Engravers for Your DIY Projects

Choosing the best laser cutter or engraver might be difficult. There are several options. Some are fantastic, while others are less so. How can you find the appropriate one with precisely that in mind? We recognize how difficult this procedure may be, so we decided to assist. We’ve gone out and done our research in order to offer you with the best laser cutters and engravers, but first, let’s go over some ground rules chevalier. Let’s get going.

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Consider These Points Before Purchasing A Laser Cutter


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What will you do with the machine? What’s your spending limit? What are some of the product’s primary features and benefits? You must know the answers to all of these and numerous additional questions before purchasing a machine. Here are a few things to consider before making a purchase.

First and foremost, you must choose how you will utilize the equipment. Are you attempting to create a company or just pursuing your passion projects? Also, not all laser cutters and engravers are created equal. Metal, wood, plastic, and paper are the materials that are etched on, so you’ll need to know which one you’ll be using before you purchase the machine.

Of course, you’ll have to include in your budget. Laser cutters are available in a wide price range. There are devices that cost less $200 and some that cost over $100,000. The way you want to utilize the equipment will have a significant impact on your budget, and vice versa. You probably don’t need to spend a bunch on a laser cutter if you’re simply doing some little tasks for yourself.

In terms of software compatibility, there are two options: native machine software or third-party software such as CAD. You’ll need one or the other, depending on your demands and the intricacy of your task. The more complicated and involved your task is, the more software compatibility you’ll need.

Laser cutters don’t function on their own; you’ll need to link them to your computer or laptop, which is why connection is important. Whether you connect the computer to the source via USB cable, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi depends on how clean and minimal you want your workstation to be. Although a cable is more reliable, a good wireless network should suffice.

Finally, think about how large you want your machine to be. Do you like the one that fits on your desk or do you want something a little more substantial? Also, think about the projects you’ll be working on and the size of the components you’ll require from this gadget.

Our Personal Favorites

Finally, let’s meet Our Personal Favorites for the best laser cutting and engraving machines.

1. 80W CO2 Orion Motor Tech


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This is the one for you if you’re looking for something low-cost yet high-performance. This laser engraver and cutter are ideally suited for wood, which most DIYers would most likely be dealing with. This is a well-built computer in a small size that should be able to handle almost any task you throw at it. It’s an 80W CO2 machine, so it’s hardly the most energy-hungry equipment available. Furthermore, it is fairly rapid, with engraving speeds of 500mm per second and cutting speeds of 80mm per second. It has a 20 by 28-inch work space and is compatible with CAD, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDRAW, among other programs.

2. Elephant CO2 1390


Another excellent option for individuals wishing to cut and engrave materials such as wood, acrylic, cardboard, and similar materials is this laser cutting equipment from elephant-cnc.com. It won’t cut stainless steel, aluminum, or any other metal, but it’ll do everything you want with wood. It’s a well-built, portable computer that’s perfect for working from home. It’s a 100W machine that can cut through a 13mm thick piece of wood without draining your wallet. Engraving rates may exceed 1200mm per second, which is more than twice as fast as the previous generation, but the accuracy of this machine is even more amazing. This one can engrave letters as tiny as 1mm with ease.

3. LE-4040 FoxAlien

This is a product for anybody looking for a multi-functional desktop laser engraver. It’s small and light, fits on your desk, and can engrave almost anything. It works best on wood, acrylics, MDF, vinyl, and leather, but it can also handle pleated and powder-coated metal, but not as well. With engraving rates up to 3000mm per second and precision engraving down to one-tenth of a millimeter, it’s super-fast and accurate. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac, so you shouldn’t have any issues with connection or compatibility.

4. Ten-HIGH 3020


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This is the one for you if you’re seeking for something really exact. The 3020 precision of Ten-HIGH is down to 0.01mm, allowing you to deal with some very minute details. It’s the most precise engraver on our list right now. It’s still quick, hitting engraving rates of 600mm per second, but it’s not the fastest we’ve seen today. It is vital to note that it is not Mac compatible. Users of Windows will have no trouble attaching this to their computer through USB.

5. 3D Laser Printer Glowforge Plus

We chose a Glowforge laser cutter/engraver/printer as our final choice. This is an attractive gadget. It’s well-made, beautifully designed, and capable of much more than simply cutting and engraving.

This machine can create three-dimensional things. To be fair, it doesn’t produce things like a traditional 3D printer; instead, it slices wood or other organic materials like leather, paper, or fabric into 3D objects that you can subsequently assemble. It works on all platforms, including iOS and Android, thanks to a Glowforge app available on the AppStore and Google Play. It’s really accurate, so you won’t have any trouble creating 3D models for DIY projects.


For your DIY projects, we’ve chosen some of the best, but not the most costly laser cutters. Naturally, there are considerably better machines available, but the most of them are industrial-grade and cost upwards of $50,000, making them unsuitable for routine household usage. We hope you enjoyed our selections!

The “best laser engraver with rotary attachment” is a tool that can be used for multiple purposes. This includes cutting, engraving, and etching materials.

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