5 best automatic nesting software for Windows 10

Nesting software is a useful tool for any Windows 10 user. Today, we’ll be highlighting five of the best nesting softwares available on the market today.

The “nesting software free download full version” is a Windows 10 tool that allows users to automatically create nested folders. The tool is also useful for organizing files and programs.

5 best automatic nesting software for Windows 10


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Date published: December 2020


Have you ever wondered whether there is a method to lower manufacturing costs while minimizing the quantity of waste raw material created when cutting your materials? If you did, you’re in luck, since we’ll go over this topic in detail today.

Nesting is the technique of cutting unique designs out of various materials in such a manner that space is maximized. It works with a variety of materials, including glass, wood, steel, ceramics, and plastics.

Nesting is done with the use of nesting software. This sort of application examines the forms you wish to nest and, using computer algorithms, squeezes as many cutting patterns as feasible into the given area. This helps you to waste less material, shorten manufacturing times, eliminate human mistakes, and lower total costs.

Cutting is done by specialist CNC (computer numerical control) equipment that may be customized to your preferred cutting material. CAD (Computer-aided design) software compatible with your CNC machine may be used to build the model or models to be cut.

Today, we’ll look at some of the greatest automated nesting applications available.


Nesting of Inventors is a CAD-integrated program that includes true-nest shaping tools that may aid with raw material optimization, product design, and production.

Set up nesting attributes to control your manufacturing item, resulting in a nesting study to manage your product.

Each nest, to give you a better understanding, is a collection of forms placed on a sheet of paper for cutting your raw materials. Furthermore, if you want to maximize efficiency while lowering expenses, you may simply compare nesting research.

Furthermore, in order to construct your nest research, the materials must be packaged in order to contain them all. The research may then be launched in the dialog box, which includes a list of forms, packing, and materials.

You may also customize the work amount or forms to best tailor your product and, as a result, generate the ideal result for your project.

Inventor CAM also allows you to construct 3D nested models and produce cutting paths, as well as export the project as DXF files.

The following are some of the key elements of Inventor Nesting:

  • True-shape nesting that is automated
  • Path cutting processes that are easy to use
  • Reports are analyzed and compared to determine nesting efficiency.
  • Step-by-step instructions for properly constructing your nest research

The Product Design and Manufacturing collection includes this tool, which has capabilities that function within Inventor. For 2D sketching, large-scale design review, or visualization, you may link items.


Inventor Nesting

With the aid of this superb CAD program, you can easily manage your nested projects and create the greatest models.


SigmaNEST is a complete set of CAD tools that enables you to design and nest components, import data from all major CAD systems, and perform automated NC (numerical control) and full NC simulation with G-code display.

You have complete control over quoting and cost estimates, inventory management and stock control, work order and task tracking with this program, which also seamlessly interfaces with MRP/ERP business systems.

You may eliminate waste materials, cut manufacturing costs per component, enable part-in-part nesting, and pick from a variety of nesting schemes by using the extensive range of capabilities included in this program.

SigmaNEST may also be used to improve tool path sequencing, which helps you to minimize your CNC machine’s time-cycle for quicker and more efficient outcomes. You may also employ features like common-line and continuous cutting, which give you complete control over the cut direction and sequence, among other things.

On the dedicated website, you can find a complete list of features with extensive explanations.

Other aspects worth highlighting, depending on their type:

The following are some of the major elements of nesting:

  • Allows you to align and rotate components by moving a common line pair.
  • Sheet-defined job parameters – cutting directions may be applied directly to the material, reducing scrap.
  • Best Sheet and the Continuous Nesting module are supported by HD Super Nest.
  • Improved rectangular component nesting using a high-definition rectangular nesting engine.

Geometry and CAD import:

  • Support for inventor vault files in batches
  • Import CAD data quickly and easily.
  • Solidworkds provides assistance.

Features of the inventory:

  • Configuration rules may be assigned.
  • Advanced material handling – assigning part removal is a breeze.

On the SigmaNEST official website, you’ll discover a wide variety of training materials.

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DeepNest, an open-source nesting program for laser cutters or plasma cutters that doesn’t waste any resources, is the next entry.

With a powerful nesting engine, you may take advantage of nested bitmap images for laser engraving and build objects that are perfectly measured.

This solution gives actual support by automatically merging common lines, increasing component quality to prevent the heat, and much more if you require efficient software specialized to enhance yield raw material.

Furthermore, you will benefit from a user-friendly interface that will allow you to complete the task in minutes. In practice, all you have to do is import your data, choose the biggest portion as your sheet, and let the program locate the best solutions for you.

Another feature worth highlighting is the time-saving option, which allows you to separate your material without numerous laser passes, allowing you to speed up your operation.

Overall, such a helpful tool will considerably assist any user who requires strong nesting services, particularly producers in the business. In reality, this program can read and write DXF and SVG files, as well as Corel CDR files.

DeepNes’ key characteristics include:

  • For laser cutting, combine similar lines.
  • DXF files are supported.
  • A new route approximation feature has been added.
  • A new nesting engine has been developed.
  • Interface that is simple to use

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NestFab is another another excellent automatic nesting program with a plethora of helpful features all wrapped up in a user-friendly interface.

You have complete control over nesting parameters such as quantity, sheet size, and component rotation, as well as full automated procedures that enable you to generate nested parts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The following are some of NestFab’s key features:

  • Interactive CAD importer — simply import any CAD data into NESTfab by having it automatically look for the right component.
  • Export nests – save your layouts to CAD formats and choose from a variety of export settings to ensure optimum compatibility.
  • May generate extensive reports – a range of nested reports that can help the production team both before and after the cutting process.
  • Using a production planning system, automates process.

NESTfab may also be upgraded to include the Ultra Performance package, which provides a few additional very powerful and helpful features:

  • Nesting efficiency on par with that of a professional
  • Can specify precise component and sheet spacings, including no gaps.
  • Your pieces may freely rotate.
  • For grainy materials, you may define a tilt tolerance.
  • Options to repeat nests – enables for more efficient creation by repeating instructions.
  • Line cutting is a common practice.

The official NestFab website has several helpful introductory videos to get you started using the program.

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MyNesting is a fantastic open-source nesting program that enables you to automate your nesting construction process at a fraction of the price of the other apps discussed in this post.

Even though MyNesting’s services are free to download and use, you will have to pay to export your nested objects. You may sign up for a membership and manage your files in one of two ways.

The first option is to purchase ‘Nest Credits’ (1 credit equals one export), while the second is to purchase a 30- or 90-day unlimited nesting membership.

On the MyNesting official website, you’ll discover a wide variety of lessons.

Obtain MyNesting

We looked at some of the top nesting software solutions on the market in this post.

We opted to showcase software that caters to both pros and novices. If you’re new to nesting, the free DeepNest program is a good place to start. You may then attempt the MyNesting option with extra ‘Nest Credits’ after you’ve gotten accustomed to it.

If you’re an experienced expert, you may get straight into the strong capabilities of Autodesk TruNest, SigmaNest, or NestFab.

When it comes to automating the nesting process, the nesting software alternatives given above address all of your conceivable demands. They all have one thing in common: the services are too expensive.

In the comments area below, tell us the program you choose from this list.

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The “free nesting software for solidworks” is a program that automatically creates nested 3D models. This tool is perfect for engineers and designers who need to create complex 3D models with ease.

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