4 Fixes: CefSharp.browsersubprocess Has Stopped Working

A browser subprocess is used to run debugged code in a web browser, it normally communicates with the main process by sending messages. The debugger then sends input back to the hosting application which allows for breakpoints and other debugging features.
The problem can be caused when CefSharp.browsersubprocess stops working because one or more of these conditions: – An incorrect build number was specified at runtime- There are too many processes running on your computer already that take up resources- A firewall may have blocked this port

The “cefsharp browsersubprocess exe garmin” is a problem that has been present for a while. It can be fixed by disabling the Garmin service, turning off the Windows 10 update, or updating CefSharp to version 2.

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  • Cef.Sharp.Browsersubprocess.exe is a critical component of AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Users may sometimes experience a number of issues when using the application.
  • The easiest approach to begin resolving this problem is to end the relevant task and use all of the solutions listed below.



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Cef.Sharp browsersubprocess is a tool that allows.Net or C# programs to load full-featured, standards-compliant web browsers. It was created by Cef.sharp Authors software engineers and lets users to do things like play games, send emails, and so forth. 

For AOL Desktop Gold devices, the Cef.Sharp process is critical, particularly in terms of speed and efficiency.

The Cef.Sharp.Browsersubprocess may have ceased operating on your device for a variety of reasons.

When the Cef.Sharp browsersubprocess stops operating, a variety of error messages are presented, including: 

  • Application error Cef.Sharp browsersubprocess.exe 
  • End Program CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess has ceased operating.
  • Cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe. This program isn’t responding.
  • CefSharp.browsersubprocess.exe is a non-functional Win32 program.
  • CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess is no longer active.

A thorough section outlining the procedures required to remedy this problem can be found below.

Table of Contents

What should I do if cefsharp.browsersubprocess fails?

1. Kill the CefSharp browsersubprocess.exe process.

  1. By hitting Shift + Ctr + Esc, you may access the task manager.
  2. Locate and choose the AOL Desktop Gold icon.
  3. Right-click the CefSharp.Browsersubprocess in the dropdown menu. 4-Fixes-CefSharpbrowsersubprocess-Has-Stopped-Working
  4. End the task by clicking on it. 1653995039_459_4-Fixes-CefSharpbrowsersubprocess-Has-Stopped-Working 

If you continue to get errors claiming that the CefSharp. You may use the following approach if Browsersubprocess is not responding:

2. Install an antivirus program.

An excellent antivirus will take care of your PC and examine the system files for flaws and incorrect settings, as is common knowledge.

As a result, an antivirus program with a high detection rate and powerful anti-malware tools is recommended.

Due to its high-end file scanning or network inspection capabilities, ESET Internet Security is a good antivirus for this purpose.

ESET Internet Security is a good choice.

3. Uninstall and reinstall the AOL Gold software.

  1. Open the search box and put AOL into it.
  2. Uninstall the app by clicking on the app icon. 1653995040_315_4-Fixes-CefSharpbrowsersubprocess-Has-Stopped-Working
  3. Complete the uninstallation procedure from the new window.
  4. To get started, go to the Download page. 1653995041_762_4-Fixes-CefSharpbrowsersubprocess-Has-Stopped-Working
  5. To finish the installation, run the.exe file as administrator after downloading it.

More information about this subject may be found here.

4. Completely delete the CefSharp.Browsersubprocess file.

  1. Navigate to the following path in the File Manager: C:Windowssystem32 1653995043_147_4-Fixes-CefSharpbrowsersubprocess-Has-Stopped-Working
  2. Delete all files connected with CefSharp.Subprocess.exe in Explorer.

Because the CefSharp browsersubprocess is the cause of your program’s failure to react or function, the simplest solution is to terminate the process on your Windows PC. This may be accomplished by either removing the process from the task management temporarily or completely deleting it from your computer.

If you have any suspicions that malware masquerading as CefSharp browsersubprocess.exe are creating difficulties on your system, such as memory leaks or other issues, you should run a complete scan on the infected device. 

Make sure you’re using a reliable antivirus for the job to avoid unwittingly installing viruses.

You should also avoid downloading documents, software, or programs from dodgy or untrustworthy websites. To avoid problems with CefSharp.Browsers process.exe, make sure you use professional devices to examine websites and other tools on your computer. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that the information given is useful in detecting and resolving any computer problems caused by the CefSharp.Browsersubprocess not responding. 

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The “cefsharp browsersubprocess aol gold” is a problem that has been present for a while. CefSharp.browsersubprocess has stopped working. This article will provide 4 fixes to fix the issue.

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