3 Ways To Unblock Website Using Psiphon On Android PC 2021

If you are using Android on your PC, you might also have heard of Psiphon . Psiphon VPN is a free and open source software that creates secure tunnel between your Android phone and your computer and allows you to access the blocked websites for free. First, you need to install the Psiphon VPN app on your android device. Once it is installed, you can connect to your VPN to access the blocked websites. You can launch the Psiphon VPN app via Settings icon in your Android and then access the settings page to connect to VPN.

Psiphon is known for masking a user’s IP address, thus enabling the user to bypass the censorship imposed by the government. In this blog post, we will show you how to unblock restricted site using Psiphon and how to use Psiphon on Android.

During Censorship, many websites are blocked for the carrier or organization that owns the site. Psiphon is a free service that works in your mobile device to bypass Internet censorship.

3 Ways to Unblock Websites on Android PC Using Psiphon in 2021 — Websites or webpages on the internet give a wealth of useful information.

3-Ways-To-Unblock-Website-Using-Psiphon-On-Android-PCHow to Unblock Websites on an Android PC Using Psiphon

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How to use Psiphon on an Andoird PC 2021 to access a banned website

Despite the fact that certain sites are negatively charged, there are still many advantages to using the internet.

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Many unlawful websites in India have been stopped by the government, in this case by Kominfo.

The blocking of websites by the government is done on purpose to prevent kids from accessing pornographic websites.

It is appropriate, and we applaud the government’s bold actions to restrict access to pornographic and adult websites in India.

How to use Psiphon to access a banned website

The authorities has already blocked a handful of prohibited websites. Unfortunately, some useful sites from other countries are also prohibited.

Despite the fact that blacklisted foreign sites do not contain any damaging content, Kominfo continues to target them.

However, on this occasion,.com would like to demonstrate how to use Psiphon to unblock websites.

Psiphon is a program or piece of software that can be used to access a restricted website or create a secure internet bypass.

1. Psiphon for Android: How to Use It

1627528375_194_3-Ways-To-Unblock-Website-Using-Psiphon-On-Android-PCPsiphon for Android: How to Use It

To begin, we’ll use Psiphon for Android. Please go to the Google Play Store and download Psiphon Pro.

  • Please open the Psiphon Pro application and tap OK when the application permission request displays.
  • Then, at the bottom, you just press the Start button.
  • You can use the Open Browser button if the VPN is turned on.
  • The web page that recognizes your IP location will be displayed first once you press the Open Browser button.
  • You can now access a previously banned website.

That’s him demonstrating how to open a prohibited website with Psiphon on an Android smartphone.

2. How to Setup Psiphon on a Computer

1627528376_573_3-Ways-To-Unblock-Website-Using-Psiphon-On-Android-PCHow to Setup Psiphon on a Computer

We went over how to utilize Psiphon on Android earlier. It’s now time to talk about how to utilize the application to open this webpage on a computer. Unblock the web page.

Previously, you could get Psiphon for PC via the official website, or you could get it from here.

Simply open Psiphon 3 for PC when it has been downloaded. This software does not require installation, so you may start using it right away.

  • Select the location of the server you want to use in Psiphon. However, you should choose the Fastest Country option for a faster and more stable connection.
  • Then, on the next screen, press the Connect button. Psiphon, on the other hand, will normally start the VPN service as soon as you open the program.
  • You can choose a specific nation from the provided Combo Box if you wish to change the server.
  • If you’ve finished using the application to open this banned site, don’t forget to turn it off.

That’s how he uses Psiphon 3 on a computer to access a banned website or perform a successful internet bypass.

Psiphon is available for free, however the speed is limited, with a maximum of only 2MB per second.

You can subscribe to the Psiphon VPN service if you wish to boost the speed limit. The speed upgrade feature, on the other hand, is only available on mobile platforms.

When utilizing a free VPN, keep in mind that you should never conduct financial activities such as online shopping, mobile banking, or internet banking. Unblock the web page.

As long as you use a free VPN service, this must be done to prevent financial and personal data theft.

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Furthermore, never use this VPN to access sites that are restricted, such as porn and adult sites.

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In this article, we will explore three methods of using Psiphon on your device to unblock websites and bypass censorship. 1. Learn how to use Psiphon on your Android phone, 2. Learn how to use Psiphon on your PC or laptop, 3. Learn how to use Psiphon on your Mac.. Read more about psiphon pro download and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use VPN to access blocked sites on Android?

The best way to use VPN on Android is by installing a third-party app. You can find many apps in the Play Store that offer this service.

How can I access blocked websites through VPN?

VPNs are a great way to access blocked websites.

How do I unblock social media sites on my computer?

To unblock social media sites on your computer, you can use a VPN service.

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