3+ Methods to Get Paid Apps for Free

With the recent rise in app piracy, developers are struggling to find a way to make apps free for their consumers. In response, they have begun implementing new methods of distribution that work with app stores and mobile devices.

The “how to get paid apps for free 2021” is a question that has been asked before. Here are 3+ methods that will allow you to get paid apps for free.



In this post, we’ll go over various ways to get free access to premium programs! Aren’t you surprised? But, my friend, there are a variety of ways to acquire paid applications for free on the market, and in this post, we’ll go over some of the greatest, easiest, and most effective ways to get paid apps for free. We like utilizing several programs, some of which are free and others for which we must pay a fee. So we’ll direct you to a gateway where you can get free access to those pricey or premium applications.

The Google Play Store includes over 2.8 million applications, the most of which are free, but not all, and if you want to access or use those that aren’t, you may utilize the techniques mentioned in this article. I understand that we like both free and premium apps, but we do not enjoy pirated or phony apps. If you want to get all of the apps for free, you need at least attempt these ways.

[Important Note: This material is only for educational purposes; we do not condone any sort of piracy.] We have given links to numerous sites in this page that offer purchased applications for free, which is against the law. Piracy is a crime that we do not condone. This article serves as an example; we are not responsible for what you do with the information, and you are solely responsible for your actions and the consequences you encounter. We admire developers’ efforts, thus we highly advise you to purchase applications from the Google Play Store instead.]

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Methods for Obtaining Free Paid Apps


The techniques described in this article are mostly for Android users, while some are also applicable to iOS and Windows. So let’s get started on getting free access to premium applications.


Blackmart Alpha is the first method.

Blackmart Alpha is the greatest and free alternative to Google Play, Aptoide, and AC Market for Android users, allowing them to download and enjoy paid and premium applications for free. Blackmart is the world’s largest and most popular APK marketplace, with millions of free and paid apps. Blackmart alpha is well-known for its several user-friendly features, which include

  • With a single click, you may download all of your applications.
  • It includes a large collection of not just premium and paid apps but also free apps from all over the Internet, allowing you to have all of your apps in one location, whether they are free, paid, or premium.
  • Its auto-install function makes the app more efficient by allowing your device to automatically install the downloaded APK without the need for your intervention.
  • Another excellent feature is auto-update, which automatically upgrades the software whenever a new version is released.
  • You may not only download programs for free with Blackmart alpha, but you can also post and publish your own apps to the world’s most popular app store.

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Method 2: Free Apps

Apps Free is a Google Play Store app in and of itself. It’s a simple and uncomplicated approach for getting free paid applications. On the site’s homepage, you’ll find a large list of accessible paid programs that you can download for free right now. But you’ll have to wait for a particular app to be marked down. It does not provide any search-specific apps for free.

There’s also no way to be alerted about a particular app, so you’ll have to customize the notification using filters and categories. The app also has a fantastic function that allows you to get rid of adverts for 24 hours simply viewing a 30-second movie. The ability to establish category-specific notifications is the finest feature.

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1Mobile Market (Method 3)

This is another another great place to get free applications. It’s a whole store where all purchased programs are manually uploaded and sold at a 100 percent discount, i.e. for free. It’s available in two versions, and you can get it through the Google Play store as well, but it always redirects to the Google Play app to comply with Google Play’s terms and conditions.

Another version is available on their website, with a free upgrade to the light version. After you’ve downloaded this version, you’ll be able to install all of the premium programs for free, with no restrictions. You may download all of the applications straight to your smartphone with this edition.

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Method 4: Obtain an APK

Another good way to get free premium programs is to use this strategy. However, in order to utilize this program properly, you must first learn how to use it. Because of the unmanaged code, the majority of users do not find it user-friendly. However, it has one very appealing feature: you may not only download the most recent version of the software, but also the prior version; this is Get APK’s finest feature.

The file downloading method is highly complicated and time-consuming, and it is not suitable for new users; those who are using it for the first time have no idea how to download programs from it. However, after becoming used to it, you will find it to be the most helpful and greatest program for downloading free software.

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5th Method: 4Shared

4shared is yet another excellent source for app downloads. This may be used to host windows software, photographs, movies, music, pdf files, and a variety of other things in addition to downloading android applications. The finest aspect of 4shared is that users upload all of their data and apps, which are then shared with other users through the 4shared cloud. Because this software is published on the Google Play Store, it is also deemed lawful.

You must first register an account with 4Shared before you can use all of the capabilities, such as uploading and downloading files. The program does not encourage piracy and makes all submitted content publicly open and accessible over the cloud.

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Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the conclusion of the essay; I hope you liked reading it and will attempt to download the premium applications for free, but just to try them out and not to use them on a long-term basis. Our creators put in a lot of effort to create and construct an app, thus we should honor their efforts by purchasing the app rather than utilizing it for free. Furthermore, as an informed reader, you are well aware of the ramifications of engaging in any criminal behavior.


The “how to get paid apps for free ios” is a topic that has been quite popular recently. There are 3+ methods to get paid apps for free, and all of them have their pros and cons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get paid apps for free?

A: A lot of apps offer a free trial or demo version. This way, you can experience the app without paying for it and see whether its something that would interest you before committing to purchasing it.

How can I get Apple apps for free?

A: While you are able to get apps for free, the quality of these apps is not always reliable. You should only download them if you have a good internet connection and can verify that they will still work fine on your phone or tablet.

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