10 Best Spacemonger Alternatives to Analyze Disk

There are many alternatives to the file hosting service, but not all of them are as reliable.

The “windirstat” is a tool that allows users to analyze the disk space on their computer. There are 10 alternatives to windirstat that can be used instead of windirstat for analyzing disk space.

Top 10 Hard Disk Analyzer Alternatives to SpaceMonger: Do you ever wonder where all of the space on your hard disk has gone? Are you tired of running out of disk space on your computer?

So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Understanding disk use is critical if we want to keep our systems operating smoothly, but SpaceMonger, although a terrific tool for this, may be a bit difficult to figure out.

Spacemonger is a great program that can be used to not only evaluate disk space but also to search files by size, type, date, and other criteria. However, there are also more comparable programs, such as Spacemonger, that have more features.

Spacemonger alternative for Windows 10 and 11

SpaceMonger Alternatives for Windows 11 and 10:

Here are some of the best SpaceMonger alternatives:


WinDirStat is a disk use analyzer that was inspired by KDirStat. It is one of the most unusual disk usage analyzers on the market. One of its most distinguishing characteristics is that it displays data in a subtree view that is dynamically merged with a treemap, with each file represented by a colored rectangle. WinDirStat was the most popular program in the “Disk Analyzer” category as of 2019, according to FossHub, with approximately 7 million downloads!

WinDirStat is an open-source, free-to-use program.


  1. Each extension has its own color on the treemap, which is very well structured.
  2. Internal, external, and networked drives may all be analyzed.
  3. Apart from the installation, there is a portable version.


  1. Documentation might be difficult to comprehend.

It’s compatible with Windows.


WizTree is one of the fastest disk analyzers available, running 46 times quicker on HDD and 22 times faster on SDD than WinDirStat. WizTree’s speed is due to the fact that when it scans NTFS formatted disks, it bypasses the OS entirely and instead reads straight from the Master File Table. The treemap display is also used by WizTree to organize information and improve comprehension.

WizTree is available for free for personal use but must be bought for business usage.


  1. Supports command-line options for exporting CSV and MFT files.
  2. Supports automated auditing.
  3. Can scan all Windows-supported disks, including FAT, FAT32, network, and so forth.


  1. Only NTFS makes the program run quickly.

It’s compatible with Windows.


TreeSize is a striking depiction of disk space compartmentalization and expeditious disk reporting created by Naughty Dog, the developer behind games like Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and The Last of Us. The program also supports extreme reconfiguration and, owing to their handy NTFS tool, allows users to swap out their hard drives. For Windows phones, a freeware version of the service is also available.

There is a free and a premium version of TreeSize.


  1. It takes up very little space and may be run directly from a USB stick.
  2. MFT analysis allows for ultra-fast scanning.
  3. TreeSize Free comes with administrator permissions, allowing for total data security.


  1. The premium version has several features that the free version does not.

It’s compatible with Windows.


Despite being simple and lacking in features compared to the other apps on this list, SpaceSniffer excels at its primary function. SpaceSniffer is ideal for sorting and sifting through garbage files if you’re continually fighting to create disk space for new programs. The application’s shape, colors, and overall behavior may all be customized.

SpaceSniffer is a completely free tool.


  1. Support for dragging and dropping.
  2. The service may scan the whole system, certain file types, or file chunks.
  3. NTFS Alternate Data Streams are supported.


  1. At times, the user interface might be a bit crowded.

It’s compatible with Windows.


DaisyDisk is a sophisticated disk space analyzer that is used by individuals from many professions, regardless of their technical expertise. It was included in the Verge’s Best Apps for Your New Mac. DaisyDisk is a user-friendly tool with a simple interface and graphics. The disk’s contents are shown in a traditional sunburst design that resembles daisy petals, thus the name “DaisyDisk.” Each individual file is colored grey, and the diagram is color-coded between portions.

DaisyDisk is a subscription-based service.


  1. It is cost-effective since it makes use of existing storage.
  2. Data is always kept safe.
  3. Retina Displays are supported in the most recent version.


  1. Important file information such as the date generated, edited, and so on are not shown.
  2. There is a multi-step deletion procedure.

It’s compatible with macOS.

GrandPerspective is a lightweight disk analyser that employs the conventional treemap style to show drive data, and it was ranked No. 6 in the Cult of Mac’s 50 Mac Essentials. It is much more customisable than most other macOS programs, and it is also far less expensive. Users may also personalize their treemaps to provide customized information depending on parameters like file type, date produced, and so on.

GrandPerspective is open source and may be downloaded for free from SourceForge or bought on the Apple Store for a modest fee.


  1. Advanced filters may be created depending on file path, size, and other factors.
  2. Support for multiple views.
  3. The user interface is responsive and dynamic.


  1. It may get a little cluttered at times.

It’s compatible with macOS.

JDiskReport disk analyzing tool

JDiskReport is a Java-based disk analyzer that will run on your system if you have Java 6 or later installed. The service is quite similar to tools like WinDirStat in terms of functionality, however it is significantly more lightweight and less crowded. It’s more appealing to the eye, due to a more detailed representation of the space distribution.

JDiskReport is a free service.


  1. It’s fully customizable and comes with a number of useful filters.
  2. In clean folders, you may see file sections.
  3. Excellent at categorizing.


  1. It is not possible to remove files straight from the app.

Java 6 or later is required on any OS.


Xinorbis is a sophisticated disk analyzer that is versatile enough to be used by both casual digital natives and experienced network managers. It is simple but powerful. It has a lot more display configuration choices, and users may choose to see their data using treemaps, graphs, tables, or all three at the same time! The service is also updated on a regular basis to increase functionality, and it now includes the ability to examine files using Be. HexEditor.

Xinorbis is a service that is available for free.


  1. It’s a great way to show how a file is put together.
  2. The use of a search engine.


  1. The service’s speed might be inconsistent at times.

It’s compatible with Windows.

The Baobab Disk Utilization Analyzer is a basic but straightforward disk usage analyzer for GNOME environments. Users may select between a regular treemap display and a ring chart display in the interface, allowing them to show various sorts of file sections in the best possible manner. For many people, it’s a must-have for GNOME-based computers.

Baobab is an open-source project that is completely free to use.


  1. Users have the option of scanning the whole file system or specific file portions.
  2. Most gadgets are compatible with it.


  1. Scanning might be a touch sluggish at times.

UNIX-like systems are supported.

Finally, there’s Filelight. Filelight is a frictionless disk analyzer suite that shows its information in concentric pie-charts rather than the typical treemap. It is part of the KDE Utils package. It works with both Windows and Linux operating systems and displays a fast Hard Drive graph. This helps in determining how much disk space is available.

Filelight is a service that is available for free.

It’s compatible with Windows.

Bonus tip

If you’re using Windows 11, you may utilize Storage Settings instead of Spacemonger, which is a better choice. To go to the Storage Settings, tap the Windows logo, put Storage Settings into the search box, then click it.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of better Spacemonger options available, but whatever one you select, make sure you get it from a reputable source.

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